Packaging design

«All-round hassle-free package»

Packaging has a considerable influence on purchase decisions at the point-of-sale. It has just a few seconds or even fractions of a second to attract attention to its contents. The decision whether or not to make a purchase is made in this short period of time.

You can win the match with our help. Packaging design is one of our core fields of expertise; we have extensive long-standing experience in the field.

Our ‘all-round hassle-free package’ is most popular of all: you provide us with your product (e.g. a household appliance) and the contact details for the factory. And we will do the rest for you. You will receive the final printed packaging on time complete with pictures, text and translations etc. and user instructions, if required. It couldn’t be simpler! The hundreds of packaging designs we have developed and implemented speak for themselves.